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31 août 2007


yeah, you read well, I'll go to Korea.
I haven't written for a while because I'm really busy, I wanted to put here a sum up with some pictures but event change the size of photos take too much time ...
So, about Korea, I went to the immigration office but they didn't wanna extend my visa ( i spoke with the English guy from the house who told me his visa has been extend 5 times ...) so I'm gonna have a trip on the other side of the sea to see how it is ;)
oh, I'm here, so I'm gonna write a bit about me ;)
Everything is going well, I'm gonna discover a new country in few days, so that's good ! My Japanese's getting better days after days, I speaking almost every day with friends ! My only problem is that, the longer I stay here, the more I wanna stay, or come back... to be continued ... I went to Fukuoka few weeks ago to enjoy a salsa concert, and I meet a friend from MATMECA: Nouli. It was funny !
Thanks to this week end, I met my twin brother: WILLIAM
There were too much coincidences between us that are officially twin brother !! :) 1 week after, he came in Kyoto, and we hang out in one of the biggest nightclub in Kyoto: the WORLD. It was awesome !! Thanks to him, I spent a fu****g good week end !! ;) MERCI TWIN BROTHER !!!

soon, I'm gonna put some pictures here
See ya
KuMa SaN

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