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17 septembre 2007


祇園祭り: 7月16日(月) いかはおしかった りんごあめ。。。 おしかった! めぐちゃん :) 祇園祭り:7月17日(火) they put piece of bamboo on the ground and make this 12 tons stuff turn ! Like evertywhere, some people enjoy the view during other work ... :) They also put tree on the top of the float ... Here is the serie of the very cool float ! the postcard's pit 町の中で before doing your prayer, you have to make ring the bell or the gong きれいなしゃしんをとりたかったです。 :) A big budha You'll never believe me, but thoses shoes are really fashion !! because they're water proof :) ... [Lire la suite]
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