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13 septembre 2007

Sum up in 38 photos: July 16th - August 10th

All the photos can be open !! YOUHOU !

Gion Matsuri: July, 16th, Monday

100_4164 squid was veeeeeeeery good !!
100_4175 6 on the left: few yens... the others: FREE !!
100_4183 Miam !
100_4184 Say Hello Meg-chan :)

Gion Matsuri: July 17th, Tuesday

100_4187 they put piece of bamboo on the ground and make this 12 tons stuff turn !
100_4212 Like evertywhere, some people enjoy the view during other work ... :)
100_4214 They also put tree on the top of the float ...
100_4226 Here is the serie of the very cool float !
100_4282 the postcard's pit
100_4294 Just after, I went in few temple in Kyoto's downtown
100_4310 before doing your prayer, you have to make ring the bell or the gong
100_4312 The beginning of my "real"photography career :)
100_4329 A big budha
100_4356 You'll never believe me, but thoses shoes are really fashion !! because they're water proof :)

Arashiyama: July 22nd, Sunday

100_4360 Visit of the Arashiyama temple, with Raveet, a canadian girl REALLY COOL !
100_4369 the inside of a lotus flower ( always for my photography career ;) )

100_4374 an other try of "good" picture
100_4399 Entrance of Arashiyama temple
100_4419 The garden
100_4449 This reminded me the elf's residence in the modie The Lord of the Ring
100_4481 A bamboo forest, that's really impressive !!
100_4523 the roof of the temple
100_4547 100_4548 100_4549100_4550
Here is the temple in during each season. Perhaps this will help you to decide to come here !!

100_4608 End of the day

On the way back from the Sento: July 18th, Saturday

100_4616 A praying mantis on the brim of my window

Volleyball contest: August 10th, Friday

100_4631 I made a banner in french end in japanese for my team.
100_4634 Female's team
100_4639 the visitor's team brought their mascot, that was really funny !!
100_4647 yeah !
100_4750 Everybody recognized the t-shirt of Kyoto's team !!
100_4765 The only set Kyoto won against Tokyo

Next pictures would be about the salsa festival on an island near Fukuoka, and about my trip in Korea

See you soon


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